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Everyone welcome to the Darksiders44 new group page. feel free to check out the forums and add to our photo gallery also set up some raids and update who you are. also every officer/leader of this group please get in contact with me its kinda important. enjoy our new room.
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New Patch Notes-Brief Summary

wintersoldier, Aug 2, 11 11:13 AM.

New Features Update 4:

New Raid – Heroes and Villains will join Superman and Lex Luthor in a legendary battle to the front steps of The Fortress of Solitude which has been taken over by Brainiac! Look for Battle for The Fortress in your Mission Journal to begin! 
New Alert – Fight your way back into the depths of The Batcave and experience the Outer Caverns as a four player Alert!
New PVP Map – Located in the heart of The Fortress of Solitude, this new Deathmatch arena puts 16 players in a tight and action filled map.  Containing new Power Ups and a trap room just waiting to bring the pain, it will quickly become a new favorite!
Mission Journal Revamp– A new layout and sorting options will make finding your next Mission easy!  Need a hand?  Share Missions with a friend or Leaguemate!
Body Scaling – In DCUO size does matter, and players can now choose brand new body types in Character Creation.


  • Improvements to client stability– including UI memory allocation.
  • Fortress of Solitude inspired Tier 3 Raid Armor is now on display in the Meta Wing (The Hall of Doom/The JLA Watchtower) and purchasable with Marks of Krypton. Marks of Legend or Victory can now be traded for Influence. Marks of Conquest can now be purchased with Influence.
  • When a player is knocked out, they no longer fall through the object they were standing on.
  • Players should no longer crash if they lock their computer right after launching the game.
  • The Green Lantern's sighting encounter should now correctly de-spawn.
  •  Players can no longer move/damage the Teleporter to Kahndaq.
  •  Male Emblems have been renamed to Mars Emblem and Female Emblems to Venus Emblems.
  • Players should no longer have the ability to interact with mission givers of the opposing faction (i.e. heroes can no longer elicit conversation from villain side-quest-givers.)
  • The combat log will now message when players summon a Proto Repair-Bot.
  • Hive Turrets outside the Metrodome can no longer be moved.
  • The Toyman shape shift forms no longer display extraneous damage text.
  • The exit inside the JSA Headquarters will now be enabled when the player defeats the boss.
  • Encounters should no longer de-spawn incorrectly in the JSA Headquarters.
  • Teleporters to The Fortress of Solitude are now active in the lower section of the Meta Wing (The Hall of Doom/ The JLA Watchtower.)
  • The Turret Steel is working on in The JLA Watchtower is no longer moveable.
  •  Sparing dummies in The JLA Watchtower and The Hall of Doom will no longer keep you in combat. This will occur once they are reduced to 30% health and they re-gen their health.
  • Character Knockout now prevents the player from logging out.
  • There is now an icon to indicate a group member has gone link dead on the HUD.
  • Resolved an issue where players’ animations would sometimes visually hitch during combat.
  • Players should no longer be able to weaponize through doors.
  • Icons for Marks that arrive as attachments in reward mails should now display properly.
  • Poison Ivy and The Swamp Thing send their thanks for your assistance.  This content is no longer available.



  • Gamepad navigation hints are now present in the UI.
  • Changed it's to its in Waypoint Info message.
  • The UI should now display "Received server created character in world" during the motion comic video in Character creation.
  • Quick menus can no longer be accessed while a dialog window is open.
  • Solved a UI issue where members of a group would have a section of their quick menus display incorrectly.
  • A new Radial menu has been added! To use, hold down Esc/Backslash/Start and move the mouse or analog stick to highlight an option. Release to select. Choosing no option with the stick will either open the Settings UI (Esc) or open the most recent PDA UI (Backslash/Start).
  • Toggle PDA (Backslash) now appears in the Keybindings page.
  • Improved memory overhead and performance in the Feats UI.
  • Feats UI Scrollbars now adjust to give room when expanding so you can see objectives. 


  • Fixed an issue where certain inventory slots did not function properly when using a controller.
  • Item icons should now always display correctly in the inventory screen.
  • Fixed an issue where moving items around your inventory could remove your head piece.
  • The Superman Hoodie can no longer be deleted from your inventory after it is redeemed.


  • PvP mission types now use a new PvP icon.
  • Missions in your Mission Journal can now be hidden for easier mission management.
  • Certain missions can now be shared with other players!
  • New layout and sorting options!


  • Improved Marketplace UI functionality.
  • Improved the frame rate while using the Marketplace.
  • Other various minor issue fixes throughout the Marketplace.
  • Solved an issue that caused the UI to function incorrectly after attempting to use the marketplace.


  • League UI - Removed Rename League button.
  • Characters with number only names should now properly display social interactions.
  •  A Group Member minimap icon will now appear present even if that member has traveled a great distance from the player. 


  • An adjustment has been made to Voice Chat distortion.



  • The Riddler Boxes will now de-spawn upon completion in The Riddler instance.
  • Players should no longer be stuck in combat in the East End Lighthouse in Gotham City.
  • Updated The JLA Watchtower/ TheHall of Doom Tour Missions to reflect their correct location in the Mission Journal.


  • Attack Brainiac: Encased citizens should now look correct when weaponized by players.
  • Bad Medicine: This mission has updated messaging. Also villain players must retrieve the medical supplies manually from downed Science Police Medics.
  • Brain Pain/The Bastion of Brainiac: Dock Bay Beta on the S.T.A.R. Labs Space Station will no longer reset while players are inside of the docking bay.
  • Brain Pain/The Bastion of Brainiac: Objects that are not objectives for players can no longer be targeted except for barrels. This should improve targeting in this playroom and make it easier to target mobs while in combat.
  • The Awakening: Fixed an issue where the Brainiac Encloser would pick up a player from across the room.
  • The Awakening: Ship Guardian now has an ability to assist him in combating against fliers.
  • Fear and Loathing: Hawkgirl and Hawkman should no longer attack players during their cutscene.
  • Fish Out of Water: Torches are no longer destructible.
  • Fun for Girls and Boys: Fixed visual and collision issues with the Race Challenge on Stryker’s Island.
  • Giganta Girl:  The Fire Urns have had their handhold positions adjusted.
  • Giganta Girl: Fixed an issue with a bulletin disappearing before the boss fight.
  • Giganta Girl: Fixed a minor messaging issue with one of Giganta's stun attacks.
  • Gorillas by the Sea: Fix for Gorillas sliding during certain animations.
  • Hardcorps: Fixed an issue where players could become gated on the stage to “Retrieve Explosives.”
  • Hardcorps: “Retrieve Explosives” encounters are now level 28 instead of the previous 30.
  • Hardcorps: Re-leveled the second area of this mission line content to be level 29.
  • Hardcorps: Police cars should now properly de-spawn when destroyed.
  • Hardcorps:  Fixed an issue where players could incorrectly target objective vehicles.
  • Hardcorps: Citizen NPCs are now neutral and un-targetable in the first area.
  • Hardcorps: Ten Ton Weight is now the proper color on de-spawn.
  • House of Venom: Fixed an issue where the dancers would slide when running to the exit.
  • JLA in Trouble/ Saving the Society: Updated cameras for Cheetah and Metallo.
  • Lunar Eclipse: Lightkeeper Janis should now reset properly.
  • Lunar Eclipse: Etrigan should no longer speak over himself when he rises in the Zatanna boss fight.
  • Meta Malpractice: Encased patients should now de-spawn correctly and have new effects.
  • Party Foul: The boss fight inside the East End Regal Hotel should reset properly.
  • Party Foul: Fixed a minor visual issue when weaponizing The Joker’s Toxin Bombs.
  • Panphobia: Fixed an issue where Fear Gas Foggers weren't spawning in part of the designated mission area.
  • Raven Unbound: Tuned the content at the Metropolis Science Police Headquarters so that the relevant mission objectives spawn more plentifully and irrelevant NPCs spawn less.
  • Raven Unleashed: Fixed an issue with Trigonic Orbs. They should now look correct when weaponized. 
  • Raven Unleashed: Players should no longer get XP if they are not on the correct stage when transporting Trigonic Orbs.
  • Something Fishy: Removed columns from the Aquaman boss fight room to make it easier to navigate the space.
  • Something Fishy: Martian Manhunter should now stick around to make sure you finish gathering information from the Atlanteans before he scouts ahead.
  • Storming the Ivory Tower: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in combat.
  • Storming the Ivory Tower: Fixed an issue with the force field being targetable.
  • The Demon Inside: Raven should no longer de-spawn before her voiceover/camera is complete.
  • The Demon Inside: Fixed a minor visual issue when weaponizing crates in this instance.
  • The First Clue: If Nightwing was refusing to clue you in on the mission "The First Clue" after completing "No Joke" return and speak with him. He should be more helpful.
  • The Perils of Zatanna: Updated wooden barrels to have better handholds.
  • The Super Plan: Villains taking on this mission will now be treated to a much more damaged and destroyed version of the Watchtower!
  • Two Bad: Players should no longer be able to interact with Lunatics after completing the mission objective.
  • Unlocking Utopia: The gate to the Guardian's Chamber should now close upon entering to fight the Colossus.
  • Vengeful Embrace: Fixed an issue with Spectre and The Green Lantern’s voiceover playing simultaneously.
  • Weeds of Oblivion: Fixed a visual issue with weaponizing Seed Pods.

For further notes go to the DCUO forum page ANNOUNCEMENTS

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